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Why I'm Running

I’m running for Congress to fight for the Rochester region. The direction Washington is going right now makes it more important than ever that we have a practical, progressive advocate for our community in Congress. We need someone who engages citizens and solves problems. We need a representative who knows the 25th District, knows what's going on here, and makes sure our voices are heard and our needs addressed. 

Fighting Corruption
Fighting Corruption
I'm not afraid to call out misconduct by government officials.
Listening and Engaging
Listening and Engaging
I speak to people about their lives, I listen, and hear their concerns.
I have a proven track record of advocacy on issues important to residents.
Giving Us a Voice
Giving Us a Voice
When I go to Washington, I'm not going alone. All of you are coming with me.

Priority Issues

These are some of the issues at the heart of this campaign.

Rochester has a long history of innovation. We must support efforts to invent and invest.

We must limit the influence of money in politics to ensure fair elections. We need a public campaign financing system.

We must do more to support the American Dream, including paying living wages and providing affordable childcare.

Healthcare is a human right. Medicare for All is needed.

We must support the human and civil rights of all Americans.

Build a clean energy economy by cutting through red-tape and securing investments for innovation.

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Median Income
Households w/Children

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Join us in sending Rachel Barnhart to Washington.

Rachel for Congress
17 Canfield Place, #2
Rochester, NY 14607

Rachel is happy to talk to you. Give her a call at 585-210-3246 or email her at

Campaign Manager: Annmarie Van Son 585-319-7773

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